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Dont believe our words. Believe your results.

Our Goal

Your Life!

La Vida Nueva Ltd. is all about improving every days life of people. The financial factor is limiting growth and freedom in our lives. We believe in our mission of giving back to people the opportunity of making their own decisions in every area of their lives. To be able to achieve this...

financial freedom is the key.

About us

Since several years we have planned our approach for our business concept. In our presentation which is available for you we explain our goal and the reason for doing so. We can sum it all up in one sentence. We simply care about People, we care about YOU!

Our Company was recently found in February 2017 with the idea to achieve this goal of positioning you in the center of your own life. We do our best to bring to you profitable earnings through the best and diversified channels possible. Every team member of La Vida Nueva Ltd. is highly trained and hand selected for performing always at 200% for YOU.

Daniel Alexander Lopez Vargas
CEO La Vida Nueva Ltd.

Our Business

The main business concept consists of 4 pillars. Trading, Properties, Real Estate, Tourism, Gastronomy and Nobel Metals

Our Trading team uses different strategies to build up a continuos growth of the investors capital. We are using short term strategies with more risk but also higher returns and longterm strategies with less risk but more stability. Part of the profits are returned to the investor as agreed in our investment plans. The other part of the profits are used to invest in the Dominican Republik. Our Goal is to create new jobs for people with new opportunities through new businesses in the mentioned business fields.

LaVida Nueva

Leadership Kick-Off Event

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

You have 90 days to create the strongest teams. The TOP 8 Leaders with the most revenue through personal sales (1st Level) will participate on the event. Rank 1 and 2 will be flying business class and transfered as VIP to our Resort. All expenses will be paid by the company. Further details will follow 40 days prior

Place Username Sales
1 charly2708 $ 345554.73
2 ClaudiaD $ 290571.28
3 TopGun $ 234211.38
4 Algovia $ 218800.87
5 stephanzeigt $ 142670.34
6 Carlo1 $ 106040.00
7 DBaumholzer $ 95340.00
8 Takeiteasy5555 $ 95330.00

Affiliate program 3% to 16%

Up to 5 level

Our affiliate program will earn you additional income - it is an effective way to generate passive income. Our specialists developed a universal multi-level program with Attractive bonuses and development through our career ladder

Investment Plans




Amount 100$ - 5000$

Deposit included

Period: 12 Months


8% 9%


Amount 2.500$ - 25.000$

25.001$ - 100.000$

Period: 6 Months

Deposit back




Amount 10.000$ - 100.000$ Period: 6 Months

Deposit back

+ VIP Caribbean vacation

+ Var. Company Bonus



After 12 / 6 Month

Amount $500/$1000

14 Days Caribbean vacation value of 2000$ / 4000$+

Deposit back