We want to make live better for everybody. This means providing a stable passive income and creating financial independency.
We have 4 sources of income. Our main source of income at this time is through our company trading team. The trading team is not an independent team but earns according to the company profits. This enables us a longterm plan to develop the company and to fill up our other 3 longterm sources of income.
Easy, we don’t! The companies longterm plan is to build up over the next years a stable source of income for the company owners through properties, real estate and businesses. Once these businesses become profitable they assist to generate company profit which of course will also benefit investors.
The verification process is key in order to establish a serious business. At some point in time we will have to proof that we are not supporting money laundering, with your verification we can proof that our customers are „real“ investors, so we can proof the source of the money.
No, we have to make sure that our investors are „real“ customers. After verification feel free to withdraw at any time.
We do our best to verify every investor within 48 hours.


- Please upload your Passport or ID Card. On these documents we have to see your name, date of birth, place of birth, foto. On some documents the place of birth appears on page 2, if this is the case please upload both sides of your document

Address verification:

- We need a service bill that is not older than 3 months. It can be a telephone or any energy bill. We do not accept address from ID

Changes of uplines are generally not possible. However in some cases we may understand any special circumstances and agree to a change of upline.
Yes, this is possible.
We offer from 3% - 16% over 5 levels.
As entrepreneurs in business we truly believe that success comes through living example. As a leader you have to show your beliefs to your team members and once they recognize you as such they will follow you. This is a sign of trust and should always be highly valued.

Structure Sales depend on your personal referral level. We have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond

The deeper your structure is the less amount of the customers investments is counted.

Example: Diamond - 5 Levels

Investment Level 1: 10.000$ —> is counted with 100% in your Structure —> 10.000$

Investment Level 2: 5.000$ —> is counted with 75% in your Structure —> 3.750$

Investment Level 3: 20.000$ —> is counted with 50% in your Structure —> 10.000$

Investment Level 4: 10.000$ —> is counted with 25% in your Structure —> 2.500$

Investment Level 5: 50.000$ —> is counted with 10% in your Structure —> 5.000$

—> Your Structure Sales: 31.250$

You can start investing with only 100$ and earn 1% daily, 7 days a week.
  • Yes, for each user the following limits apply:

    • Daily Plan: unlimited deposits, max. amount 5.000$
    • Weekly Plan: unlimited deposits, max. amount 100.000$
    • Half-Yearly Plan: 1 every 6 months, max. amount 100.000$
    • Only 1 Vacation Plan at a time
You can start withdrawals with 10$.
72 hour rule applies only for the earnings out of daily plans. Referral commissions are always paid out on „LaVida Monday“. If you wish to have your earnings out of the daily plans within 72 hours please make a withdrawal request only for your these earnings. The rest will remain pending until the following Monday.
  • If you request your deposit until 1 p.m. Belize time GMT -6 (9 p.m. GMT + 2 or 10 p.m. GMT +3) it will be executed this same Monday.
  • We do recommend however to execute the withdrawal on weekends as it allows us much better to get an overview and to prepare the money for you.
No, if you stock up your account balance you have to make an investment. It is not allowed to stock up the account balance and withdrawal on a different payment processor. In this case your request will be canceled and the money returns to your balance