Escape Games: Castle Breakout

A magical castle experience

Castle Breakout is a breakthrough! Solve puzzles in a beautiful yet mysterious castle to escape its locked rooms! A game so intricate and elegantly designed that it creates a new standard in games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and MacOS!

Battle against the wits of the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, interactive animals and more!

Castle Breakout has been gloriously rendered with photorealistic detail and features amazing sound effects for a brand new experience: it's like being the star in a medieval movie!

The gamers’ mission in Castle Breakout is to take on the role of a castle security expert and outwit the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and more. With new inter-connected levels, one of the features most requested by Castle Breakout fans, players will now find objects in rooms that will not be used until later levels, making the game even more deep and challenging. Now the game is more than multiple levels of solving riddles, but one big inter-connected puzzle game.

Those who successfully escape from all ten levels are rewarded with a beautifully-designed ride on an animated dragon around the castle grounds.

The "Escape Room" craze has swept the world, with escape room enterprises found in almost all major cities. Castle Breakout gives fans of this genre a way to challenge their own puzzle-solving logic to work their way through ten increasingly challenging levels of complexity. Castle Breakout features intricate photorealistic images, interactive animated animals and, most importantly, challenging puzzles both serious and novice gamers will enjoy.

And, like the physical escape rooms, those who are successful enjoy challenging their friends over social media to best their times of escape!

Castle Breakout is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS and Apple TV.

When you first arrive at the beginning of this highly addictive game, you will notice that there is an emphasis on interacting with the pets, objects, and numerically based puzzles that must be solved. What is unique about this game is that these very realistic pets are animals that you can actually interact with as you are proceeding to the game. Although a large portion of the game is about puzzles, part of solving any of them as you advance through the levels is to see how all of the things that you will encounter actually work together.

What You Should Be Looking For

Many of the clues that are found throughout the game are hidden in the most obvious locations. This is something that many people overlook. For example, you may see literal writing on the walls, or you may have to look over or under certain inanimate objects. These clues will often lead you to physical objects that you must possess in order to solve the puzzle on current or subsequent levels. Be on the lookout for numbers, gears, and several other items that may literally be hidden in plain sight that can help you resolve each puzzle per each level.

Clues Build Upon Clues

Many of the clues that you will find will actually be used to solve the puzzles on each level, clues that you will see repeated several times. Repetition of clues is an indication that you are on the right track as you are trying to solve each puzzle that is presented. In addition to this, you will also solve numerical puzzles, not just ones that have to do with objects or animals that you will find along the way. What is unique about this game is that it does require a high level of observational skills to discern what needs to be done next.

Mathematics And Numerical Puzzles

There are several numerical puzzles that you will have to solve, but these do not always focus upon the objects or animals that you will find as you play the game. There are also different shapes, colors, and objects that may not seem to relate to one another which are actually the keys to solving each level. It is also important to take any physical objects with you that you will find as you are solving these puzzles so that you can move to the next levels as you advance. If you only have a basic understanding of simple mathematical skills, these will allow you to solve each level at a rapid pace.

How To Make Sure You Finish The Game

Castle Breakout Game is something that you should consider playing if you would prefer focusing your time on games that will also challenge your intellect. So many videogames today that you can play on your iPad or cell phone do not go into a substantial amount of depth. You might improve upon your reflexes, but in this particular game, awareness of your current surroundings and mathematics are the keys to moving forward. If you have not yet tried this game, you may become addicted and may find yourself riding that dragon around the castle in a very short period of time. Once you have finished this game, you will see why so many thousands of people enjoy interacting with other people that are playing worldwide. It is both challenging and exciting. The unparalleled graphics on this will motivate you to keep pursuing clues that you must find in order to successfully move to each subsequent level. It is this high level of interaction, and the need to use your intellect, that has made this one of the most popular games available today!


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